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Ice with Eyes

Unimall Corporate Design (pitch)

Bassliner - Busticket

Red Cross posters

For the german red cross, Roland and me had the chance to work with super an der spree. An illustration-series of five will be postered in schools and places like schools. Thanks! Great job.

Horst Club - Posters

Marc Uwe Kling - CD design

I got the chance to work with the amazing, hilarious Marc Uwe Kling.

Styleframe for Sehsucht

Pitching with Sehsucht for a commercial we didn't get in the end :'(

2 random illustrations


Effekthascherei shirtdesigns




Three shirtdesigns i made for Effekthascherei.

Radio Icon

I usually never post the icons i do, but i like this little radio i made as an exercise to get into hires icons :)

UKW flyer - 4th year